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RainShield HIGH pH PRIMER gal.jpg

Rainshield  High PH  

High pH Alkali Resistant Primer

Rain-Shield™ High pH Primer is engineered for exterior above-grade masonry substrates. This high-performance, low VOC primer is ideal for concrete, masonry, concrete block, brick and stucco. With a

uniform seal, high adhesion and excellent holdout to alkali and efflorescence it can be applied to surfaces with a pH of 6 to 13.

Aquaproof Wall Gal.jpg

Aqua-Proof Wall ™ 

WaterproofBase Membrane for Walls

Aqua-Proof™ Wall is a styrene butadiene liquid waterproofing membrane for walls, that provides a simple alternative to water proof in many applications. It is excellent for walls, floors or gardens affected by leaks and humidity. This monolithic membrane is excellent when used as a base on horizontal or vertical surfaces affected by cracking and water infiltration problems.

LANCO AS210.jpg

AS-210 Roof & Wall Sealer

100% Acrylic Penetrating Primer & Sealer

AS-210™ is a 100% acrylic polymer elastomeric roof & wall primer specially designed to penetrate and waterproof concrete surfaces to prevent water infiltration. AS-210™ is also recommended for a variety of properly prepared, previously painted surfaces to bind light to moderate chalk (oxidation) and increase adhesion of the finish coat. To be used in residential, architectural, commercial and light industrial applications.

Wall-Bond G.jpg

Wall-Bond ™ 

Ultra Premium White Pigmented Conditioner

Wall-Bond™ is an acrylic and epoxy reinforced, professional grade, high performance, eco- friendly, low VOC, water-based white pigmented conditioner designed to weatherproof concrete, masonry, concrete block, brick and stucco surfaces. It is recommended to bond light chalk to surfaces and also to condition and seal masonry surfaces. It will adhere to new or existing concrete with a PH of 6 to 13.

Prime Coat 1G.jpg

Prime Coat ™  

Acrylic Wall Primer

Prime Coat™ is an ultra white acrylic under coater especially formulated as a sealer coat over new or previously painted interior or exterior concrete, plaster, drywall and unpainted non-stained wood. Also recommended for use as a first coat over previously painted surfaces, as it provides superior adhesion for the finish coat.

Prepare G.jpg

Prepare ™ 

Acrylic Latex Int/Ext White Primer

Prepare Primer™ is an acrylic latex resin primer modified with pigments that cover the surface to prepare it for the final coat. It has superb sealing and covering properties that adheres tightly to the surface. Can be used over interior/exterior surfaces.

Prepare Zero G.jpg

Prepare Zero ™ 

Acrylic Universal Drywall Primer

Prepare™ Zero is an  interior acrylic undercoating primer.  It has high hiding, sealing and covering properties. It is recommended for use on painted or unpainted surfaces as it provides superior adhesion for the finish coat. Fast drying.

Prepare HB G.jpg

Prepare HB ™ 

Acrylic Universal High Build Drywall Primer

Prepare-HB™ is a professional grade acrylic undercoating primer, high in hiding properties. It is a fast- drying primer with superb sealing and covering properties to help mask wall imperfections and uneven textures. It equalizes the absorption differences between the drywall and joint compound to provide a uniform finished coat. It is recommended for use on painted and unpainted surfaces as it provides superior adhesion for the finish coat.

Prepare L5 G.jpg

Prepare L5 ™ 

Acrylic Universal Level 5 Latex Surfacer

Prepare L5 Surfacer™ is a uniquely formulated spray compound that provides a smooth plaster-like finish. When sprayed it gives bare drywall the appearance of “hand-tooled” plaster. Prepare L5 Surfacer’s formula masks surface imperfections, conceals joints, smooths the texture of the drywall paper, and minimizes the difference in porosity of the substrates. Excellent sag resistance (permits hi- build applications) to achieve level 4 or level 5 finish when applied over level 4 gypsum wallboard.

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