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Lanco is a Top Provider for Florida Theme Parks

October 9, 2018

Learn from Rosetta how Lanco Paints and Coatings is a top provider with outstanding customer service for major theme parks in Florida.

Lanco: una empresa familiar que lleva tres generaciones

Septiembre 26, 2018

Sergio Blanco, empresario, afirma que tres generaciones han trabajado en Lanco en diferentes cargos. Menciona algunos de sus familiares y los cargos que ocupan en las diferentes empresas. 

The businessman Sergio Blanco says that he does not like to lose. However, he admits having lost several times, but he says that it is a matter of trying again until he achieves his goal. Blanco says that usually when people have a lot of money they are neglected, and because of that carelessness they managed to beat their competitors in Puerto Rico.

The theme parks of Walt Disney, Universal and the water attraction Volcano Bay have something in common: mostly, if not all, of their facilities are painted with Puerto Rican Lanco paint.

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