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Caulks & Sealants



Lifetime - Urethane Elastomeric Latex Sealant

Ultrathane-WB™ is a high performance extreme movement grade, elastomeric, water based one component urethane sealant that withstands up to 50% total joint movement. It offers the best adhesion and flexibility in a water based formulation. It will not crack, crumble, or peel even when exposed to severe weather or total joint movement. Produces a mildew resistant seal.


Siliconflex ™

Siliconized Acrylic Sealant for Doors and Windows

SiliconFlex™ is an acrylic modified with silicone sealant to seal and waterproof joints. It combines in a single component the advantages of permanent adhesion and UV resistance of acrylic, with the flexibility and durability of silicone.


Acrylic Plus ™

Elastomeric Sealant for Windows and Doors

Acrylic-PlusTM is an acrylic resin sealant modified with silicon, of great performance. Ideal to seal joints in doors and windows Creates a tight seal, highly flexible and durable to protect against penetration of air and moisture.


Acrylic Caulk Extra ™

20 – year Acrylic Latex Sealant

A good quality latex caulk suitable for all interior and exterior applications where minimum joint movement is expected; adheres to most building materials and is easy to apply, tool and clean up.


100% RTV Silicone ™

100% Silicone Construction and Marine Grade

Silicone Sealant RTV Construction and Marine Grade is a 100% R.T.V. "Room Temperature Vulcanization" acetic silicone sealant with solvent, a good performance, excellent adhesion and flexibility for room temperature.


Siliconizer Crack Filler ™

100% Elastomeric Styrene/Acrylic

Siliconizer Crack Filler™ is a 100% elastomeric, styrene/acrylic, silicone modified white mastic for interior and exterior use. Designed to permanently seal leaks and bridge cracks. A flexible mastic that will adhere to any surface (clean & dry) and fill crack large or small. Excellent for both interior and exterior use. 100% sandable.

Concrete & Mortar patch 1G.png

Concrete Patch & Mortar ™

Int/Ext Elastomeric Textured Concrete-like Mastic

Concrete and Mortar Patch™ an acrylic, ready-to-use textured mastic for the repair of holes, cracks and other imperfections in concrete or masonry surfaces that dries to a concrete gray color and concrete-like finish. A flexible mastic that will adhere to any surface and fill cracks of any size. Will not crack, peel or crumble even after exposure to severe weather conditions.

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