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Dry Coat 

Smooth Hydrophobic Acrylic Latex Flat

Dry Coat™ is a high performance alkali resistant coating. It is formulated with hydrophobic acrylic latex, a revolutionary new technology of ultra- small particles, that helps waterproof a wide variety of substrates. Ultra White, ready to mix and tintable. May be applied with brush, roller or sprayer.

Maxima Supreme Flat G.jpg

Maxima ™  Supreme 

Ultra Premium Exterior

Maxima Supreme™ is an ultra-premium, cross-linking 100% acrylic engineered for exterior protection from extreme weather conditions. This low VOC finish has exceptional resistance to yellowing, chipping, cracking and peeling with added protection from mold and mildew. Created to increase hiding power and achieve the best coverage in fewer coats.

Maxima Exterior Flat G.jpg


Premium Exterior Paint

Maxima™ Exterior is a premium 100% acrylic best used for masonry, stucco, brick, wood, metal and vinyl siding. Ideal for exterior repaints where performance is needed with a durable film that resists yellowing, chipping, cracking and peeling.

RainShield TEXTURE GAL.jpg

Rainshield Texture

Exterior Acrylic Texture (Medium)

Rain-Shield™ Texture is a highly durable, textured acrylic paint, designed for exterior, above ground masonry and concrete. Rain-Shield™ Texture produces a heavy bodied  film that is UV, stain and water resistant. It is excellent for tilt walls, high-rise apartments, condominiums, schools, hospitals, hotels, resorts and residential homes.  Available in fine and medium.  

RainShield Flat G .jpg

Rainshield High Build

High Build 100% Acrylic Latex 

Rain-Shield™ high build 100% acrylic is engineered for exterior above-grade masonry substrates that require high performance protection. It contains high solids and ceramic microsphere technology giving the most durable and long-lasting protection against wind driven rain while weatherproofing concrete, masonry, concrete block, brick and stucco. Its flexible coating allows 335% elongation while maintaining a breathable superior coating. Available in flat and satin.

Complete  Ext FLAT G.jpg

Complete Exterior 

Ultra Premium Exterior

Complete™ Exterior is our professional 100% acrylic for masonry, stucco, brick, wood and metal. This workhorse was developed for our commercial and multi-family markets. It provides excellent coverage and hide, flow and leveling. Ideal for new and repaint applications where performance is needed with a durable film that resist yellowing, chipping, cracking and peeling.

Duratone Plus FLAT G.jpg


Acrylic Interior / Exterior Paint

Duratone-Plus™ is a commercial quality interior and exterior acrylic paint. This durable formula is ideal for drywall, masonry, wood, metal and brick with excellent coverage.

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