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Complete Zero Int Eggshell G.jpg

Complete ™ Zero

Professional Interior Zero VOC

Complete™ Zero is a professional quality interior zero VOC eggshell paint for new or previously painted substrates designed for professional applicators. Complete ZERO™ is a very low odor and contains zero VOC. t dries in 1 hour and presents an extremely durable film that resists yellowing, chipping, cracking and peeling. May be applied with brush, roller or spray.

PreCat Satin GAL.jpg

Precat ™ 

Waterborne Epoxy

Precat™ is a Waterborne Epoxy Gloss is a single-component crosslinking acrylic that offers the excellent adhesion and durability given by most two-component waterborne acrylic epoxy products. As a high performance product. It is designed for areas exposed to moderate corrosive and abrasive conditions, incidental chemical contact and where strong cleaners are used.

Duratone Plus FLAT G.jpg


Acrylic Interior / Exterior Paint

Duratone-Plus™ is a commercial quality interior and exterior acrylic paint. This durable formula is ideal for drywall, masonry, wood, metal and brick with excellent coverage.

Renew Int FLAT G.jpg


Water Based Acrylic Paint

Lanco Renew is an interior paint ideal for use in occupied areas such as commercial,
residential, and institutional ceilings and walls. Used on new or previously coated drywall, plaster,
acoustical tile, concrete, cement block, wood trim & doors.



Maintenance Interior Flat

Supra™ is a good quality interior flat paint for use on new or previous applications where speed of application is required. It is a low VOC and low odor paint. Offers good hiding and dries to touch in one hour.

Maxima alkyd Interior Satin G.jpg

Maxima Alkyd 

Contractor’s Premium Alkyd Semi-Gloss

Maxima™ Alkyd is a high quality interior semi-gloss enamel formulated for application on interior surfaces. It offers a rich semi-gloss finish, excellent coverage, leveling, durability and performance.

Color Collection Satin INT W&T White G.png

Color Collection ™ (Pre-Mixed)

Water Based Acrylic Paint

Color Collection Interior Wall Paint is a water-based acrylic paint, ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and playrooms. It can be applied to properly prepared and primed: concrete, brick, wood, drywall board, fiber cement, primed metal, etc.

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