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Since beginning operations in 1978, Lanco’s mission has been one of superior customer satisfaction centered on our drive to produce the best quality products. Based our founder’s creed, Lanco’s product line encompasses a wide array of applications ranging from architectural coatings and wood finishes, to industrial adhesives and high performance sealants. After many years of hard work and dedication, this family owned company has grown to an international enterprise with manufacturing facilities in the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Lanco has maintained its sense of purpose even though it remains one of the fastest growing paint manufacturers in the world. Lanco’s products can be found from the southernmost tip of Chile to northern Canada, giving millions of people the excellent choice of our entire product line.


Manufacturing Facilities and Practices

Lanco prides itself in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, which allow us to deliver consistently great products at the highest of quality standards. Our facilities conform to the highest ISO and safety standards, consistently praised in the industry for their technically advanced procedures as well as the pristine conditions in which we operate in.


Raw Materials

Thanks in part to our robust investments in R&D, our formulas use only approved raw materials from some of the world’s biggest and most advanced chemical manufacturers. Because we are one the world’s fastest growing paint companies, as well as due to the fact we are constantly innovating, we have access to cutting-edge technology materials that allow us to consistently make innovative products that exceed industry standards.


Quality Control

Our reputation is proven on every single batch that we make. Thus, we make sure that we are meticulous when we test both the products that compose our formulas, as well as the products themselves during the process of making them. We have the industries most strict parameters, ensuring that the products we make are consistently great.

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