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Grip Bond 1

Grip Bond 1™ is a high-strength, super fast-grabbing and setting PVA (polyvinyl acetate) white glue specifically formulated for woodwork. Penetrates deeply to create a bond stronger than wood and dries clear. Adheres to most similar and dissimilar surfaces.

All-Purpose Carpentry PVA White Glue

Grip Bond 2 

Grip Bond 2™ is a strong all purpose PVA (polyvinyl acetate) white glue, of clear and fast drying. Excellent for crafts, school use, and porous and nonporous surfaces. It is safe for children: certified and approved by the Art & Creative Material Institute.

All-Purpose Cold PVA White Glue

Grip Bond 3 

Grip Bond 3™ is a yellow glue made from polyvinyl acetate resin modified with aliphatic resin whose adhesion is stronger than wood itself, penetrates and binds wood in carpentry projects, for interior and exterior use. It is fast- drying which reduces the pressing time.

Carpentry Cold Yellow Glue

Grip Bond 4 

Grip Bond 4™ is a pre-catalysed vinyl acetate resin glue. It is formulated to be of exterior/interior glue, 100% water resistant, high adherence power, and ready to use. Provides a super strong initial grip and an excellent stability when sanded.

Professional Interior Paint (Text)