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Grip Bond 1

All-Purpose Carpentry PVA White Glue

Grip Bond 1™ is a high-strength, super fast-grabbing and setting white glue specifically formulated for woodwork. Penetrates deeply to create a bond stronger than wood and dries clear. Adheres to most similar and dissimilar surfaces.


Grip Bond 2 

All-Purpose Cold PVA White Glue

Grip Bond 2™ is a strong, fast drying, all purpose white glue excellent for crafts, school use, porous and nonporous surfaces. It is safe for children: certified and approved by the Art & Creative Material Institute.


Grip Bond 3 

Carpentry Cold Yellow Glue

Grip Bond 3™ is a fast drying yellow glue that penetrates and binds wood in carpentry projects. Super strong adhesion, made for interior and exterior use. 


Grip Bond 4 

Professional Interior Paint (Text)

Grip Bond 4™ is a pre-catalysed vinyl acetate resin glue. It is formulated to be of exterior/interior glue, 100% water resistant, high adherence power, and ready to use. Provides a super strong initial grip and an excellent stability when sanded.

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