LP-370 Chemthane 

High Solids Polyurethane

LP-370 is a two component, High Solids, High Build, Low VOC, urethane blended coating with excellent gloss and color retention. Chemthane LP-370 cures to a very tough, abrasive resistant film with exceptional exterior durability, chalk resistance, color stability, and long term gloss retention. LP-370 has a tough tile-like finish while maintaining a flexible film.

LP-352 Polyester Polyurethane Enamel 

Aliphatic Polyurethane Coating

LP-352 is a two component polyester aliphatic polyurethane coating. This special CRU formulation is used to impart the highest chemical resistance, gloss and color retention of a polyurethane coating, yet retain the outstanding tough, abrasive resistant film which provides excellent exterior durability, chalk resistance, color stability and long term gloss retention. Ideal as a topcoat for concrete and steel structures.

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