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Wood Products

Clear Laquer G.jpg

Clear Lacquer ™

Interior Flat Lacquer

Clear Lacquer™ is a nitrocellulose lacquer reinforced with maleic and alkyd resins. Protects your wood and has a flat finish. Ready to spray and fast drying.

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Sanding Sealer G.jpg

Sanding Sealer 

Sanding Sealer Ready to Spray

Sanding Sealer™ is a quick drying, amber, maleic nitrocellulose sanding sealer. Ready to use in new wood to seal all grain without staining.  For use on interior wood.

White Sanding G.jpg

White Sanding Primer ™

Fast Drying White Sanding Primer and Sealer

White Sanding Primer™ is a fast-drying, white-pigmented wood under-coater, that completely seals all wood grains.  May be sanded and recoated immediately.

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water sealer 2.jpg

Special Teak Sealer TS200 ™

Clear Waterproofing

Special Teak Sealer TS200 ™ is a 100% transparent non-staining waterproofing sealer that helps control moisture damage on concrete, wood, brick, canvas, masonry, leather and stucco, and penetrates the surface for a long-lasting protection by creating a moisture barrier while allowing the surface to breathe.

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Polyurethane Varnish ™

Clear Gloss

Polyurethane Varnish™ is a natural stain resin, that protects wood and metal surfaces against weather, water, abrasion, alcohol, and household chemicals. For interior and exterior use.

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