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Dura-Life Clear Sealer ™ 

Premium Zero VOC Interior

Dura-Life Clear Sealer ™ is a professional grade, water-based, clear sealer designed to weatherproof roof tiles and shingles. May be applied with brush, roller or sprayer.


Wet Look 

100% Acrylic Professional Grade Clear Sealer

Lanco Wet look™ is  a high performance, ready-to-use, water-based clear sealer designed to seal, weatherproof, protect and enhance color of a variety of surfaces.


Natural Look 

100% Acrylic Penetrating Clear Sealer

Natural Look™  is a 100% acrylic clear sealer that penetrates and chemically bonds with the surface leaving it highly resistant to moisture and salt.  It is designed to repel water thus providing long lasting protection without altering the natural appearance of your surface.

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