Dura-Life Clear Sealer ™ 

Premium Zero VOC Interior

Dura-Life™ Coat es an ultra-premium, 100% acrylic, high performance, eco-friendly, low VOC, water-based high technology formulation coating designed to protect and weatherproof pitched concrete roof tiles and metal roof surfaces. Its high technology formulation that provide the most durable and longest lasting coating for protecting the outside of your home or business. It provides significant resistance to mildew, cracking, peeling and chipping. It is NOT recommended for flat roofs. It is NOT waterproofing system. May be applied with brush, roller or sprayer.

Wet Look 

100% Acrylic Professional Grade Clear Sealer

Wet Look™ clear sealer high technology formulation is a high performance, professional grade, ready-to-use water-based sealer designed to seal and weatherproof, protect and enhance color of variety of surfaces

Natural Look 

100% Acrylic Penetrating Clear Sealer

Natural Look™ is a high performance, ready-to-use, solvent free reactive silane modified waterborne siloxane clear penetrating sealer. Lanco® Natural Look clear sealer penetrates the surface and chemically bonds directly with the substrate which results in a surface that is highly resistant to both moisture and salt. Lanco® Natural Look clear sealer is designed to provide long lasting water repellency from water–induced damages without altering the natural appearance of the substrate.

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