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Patch & Repair

Concrete & Mortar patch 1G.png

Concrete Patch & Mortar ™

Int/Ext Elastomeric Textured Concrete-like Mastic

Concrete and Mortar Patch™ an acrylic, ready-to-use textured mastic for the repair of holes, cracks and other imperfections in concrete or masonry surfaces that dries to a concrete gray color and concrete-like finish. A flexible mastic that will adhere to any surface and fill cracks of any size. Will not crack, peel or crumble even after exposure to severe weather conditions.

Siliconizer Crack Filler 1G.png

Siliconizer Crack Filler ™

100% Elastomeric Styrene/Acrylic

Siliconizer Crack Filler™ is a 100% elastomeric, styrene/acrylic, silicone modified white mastic for interior and exterior use. Designed to permanently seal leaks and bridge cracks. A flexible mastic that will adhere to any surface (clean & dry) and fill crack large or small. Excellent for both interior and exterior use. 100% sandable.

ReadyToUse Patch.jpg

Stucco Patch


Lanco® Stucco Patch is a ready-to-use mastic for the repair of small holes, cracks, crevices, and dents in interior or exterior stucco surfaces. It will hide imperfections in the stucco and yield a textured, durable, and paintable finish. 

Concrete-Mortar Patch.jpg

Self -Leveling Concrete & Mortar Crack Filler

Concrete Crack Repair Sealant

Self-Leveling Concrete & Mortar Crack Filler is a ready-to-use concrete repair sealant. Use it to repair holes,
cracks, and other damage in concrete and masonry surfaces. Ideal for repairing exposed concrete surfaces
due to its color and weather resistance. It may also be used as a "glue" to join broken pieces of concrete
or brick.

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