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Aqua-Proof Primer 5G.png

Aqua Proof

Waterproofing & Crack Isolation Base Membrane

Aqua-Proof™ is a monolithic membrane made of styrene/butadiene latex that provides an easy alternative for many waterproofing applications as a base or primer. Aqua-Proof™ performs best when used as a primer over existing surfaces and tested extremely well during continuous water immersion. It waterproofs concrete and protects from silage attack.

AS-210 5G.png

AS-210™ Roof & Wall Sealer

100% Acrylic Penetrating Primer & Sealer

AS-210™ is a 100% acrylic polymer elastomeric roof & wall primer specially designed to penetrate and waterproof concrete surfaces to prevent water infiltration. AS-210™ is also recommended for a variety of properly prepared, previously painted surfaces to bind light to moderate chalk (oxidation) and increase adhesion of the finish coat. To be used in residential, architectural, commercial and light industrial applications.

Ultra Level 40Lbs.png


Self-leveling Modifed Mortar Underlayment

Ultra Level™ is a self-leveling underlayment mortar, modified with polymers that seeks its own level.  It produces a smooth, hard, flat surface free of cracks and imperfections. Only add water.


Siliconizer Crack Filler 

Elastomeric Silicone-Modified Mastic

Siliconizer™ Crack Filler Is a silicone modified white mastic for interior and exterior use. Will permanently seal leaks and bridge cracks on smooth surfaces. It is flexible and will adhere to any surface and fill cracks of any size. Will not crack or peel even after exposure to severe weather conditions. 


Fiber Glass Patching Weave 

Fiberglass Mesh

Fiberglass Patching Weave ™ is a  uniformly distributed membrane of fiberglass used to patch tennis court surfaces, insulate and wrap pipes. It is also used as a roofing membrane to allow better penetration of water based elastomeric coatings. This product has higher tensile strength and is lighter than cotton-based reinforced fabric meshes.  It is mold, algae and mildew resistant, and will not rot.

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