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100% Acrylic Urethane Insulating Roof Membrane

Coolguard™ is a powerful, high performance roof sealer, made from a thick and single component acrylic urethane that is 100% elastomeric and will waterproof roofs and walls. It will provides a single monolithic layer that waterproofs and Insulates the surface. It significantly reduces the interior temperature of your house in two ways: 1. It will reflect 87.5% of all the sun rays, eliminating 90% of all the heat it received to the roof surface. 2. It uses Thermaflex Technology, a tiny insulating micro-spheres which prevents heat from being absorbed by the surface.



Urethane Ceramic Rubber Top Membrane

Urethanizer™ is a high performance, rubberized, ceramic urethane, elastomeric, roof coating and sealer. A highly durable, fiber reinforced roof coating with superior adhesion properties. The ceramic composition of this product will significantly lower interior temperature of structures by reflecting 79% of the suns’ rays and reducing heat by 89%. UrethanizerTM will not crack, crumble or peel off, withstanding severe weather and total joint movements. It will provide a seamless, waterproof and weather protective seal tightly adhered to the roof surface.


Ultra Siliconizer 

100% Acrylic Silicone Top Membrane

Ultra SIliconizer™ is a single component 100% acrylic silicone sealer for roofs and walls with outstanding adhesive properties that will provide a thick, high per formance, water and weather resistant seal on most surfaces, usually without need of a primer coating. Due to a transition process, LANCO® Ultra Siliconizer™ normally dries in half the time as other similar products, ensuring a quick and effective installation. It will significantly lower the interior temperature of the structure by reflecting 78% of the suns’ rays and reducing heat received by 90%. Product will not crack, peel or blister even under severe weather conditions.


White Seal Plus 

Professional Interior Paint

White-Seal™ Plus 2in1 is an ultra white, heat reflective, acrylic silicone based, fiber reinforced roof coating. Designed to seal to any surface without the aid of a primer, and offer years of protection for various roof substrates. Lanco White-Seal™ Plus applies in blue color and dries ultra white extremely fast through a process of transition will expand and contract along with the substrate to which it is applied. White-Seal™ Plus will retain its mechanical properties even after years of  outdoor exposure to sun and rain.


White Seal 

Styrene Acrylic Silicone Top Coating

White-Seal™ is a styrene acrylic silicone roof and wall sealer. It is a single component, elastomeric sealer that will adhere tightly to many surfaces and provide a thick, high performance, 100% water and weather resistant membrane, usually without need of a primer coating. White-Seal™ dries extremely fast by a transition process, requiring half the time as regular sealers. It will significantly lower the interior temperature of the structure by reflecting 73% of the suns’ rays and reducing heat received by 85%. Product will not crack, peel or blister even under severe weather conditions or total joint movement.


Pro RC 

Styrene/Acrylic Rubberized Elastomeric Roof Coating

Lanco® PRO RC™ is a contractor grade one-component, ultra white. high viscosity, high performance, styrene/acrylic rubberized elastomeric roof coating and wall sealer, with good elongation capacity that meets ASTM D-412. It will provide a 100% waterproof and weatherproof seal, adhering tightly to most surfaces without a primer. It will not leak, crack, crumble, or peel, despite exposure to sere weather or total joint movement when applied as directed.




Siliconizer™ is a professional grade, ultra-white, elastomeric roof sealer that will provide a weatherproof seal, and adhere to porous substrates and aged metal roofs. In most cases Siliconizer does not require a primer.


Lanco Seal 

Elastomeric Acrylic Roof Coating

Lanco Seal™  is an elastomeric ultra white sealer and coating, formulated with a highly flexible and tough plastic polymer that seals and protects the roof surface making them effectively waterproof by forming a flexible, tough plastic membrane that seals against water seepage and leaks. . The brilliant white finish of Lanco Seal™ contributes significantly to reduce temperature by reflecting solar rays.



Elastomeric Acrylic Roof Coating

Dura-Flex™ is a unique coating based on a newly developed synthetic latex system consisting of two separate rubber-like polymers. Its increased flexibility, better adhesion and maintenance, and brilliant white color improve the hiding power of the coating, while reducing inside temperatures by reflecting the sun’s rays


Dura-Life Color Coat 

Premium Exterior Paint

Dura-Life™ Coat is an ultra-premium, 100% acrylic, high performance, eco-friendly, low VOC, water-based high technology formulation coating designed to protect and weatherproof pitched concrete roof tiles and metal roof surfaces. Its high technology formulation that provide the most durable and longest lasting coating for protecting the outside of your home or bussines. It provides significant resistance to mildew, cracking, peeling and chipping. It is NOT recommended for flat roofs. It is NOT waterproofing system. May be applied with brush, roller or sprayer.

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